The Preverisk teams’ mission is to improve its clients business, by way of developing business lines or knowledge, whilst at the same time being professionally motivating and balanced.


To be world leaders in consultancy for the tourism industry, developing innovative ideas, supported by excellent service and technological tools which the industry recognises as a beneficial quality improvement.


Our main value is our customer’s satisfaction. Our policy is based on listening to our customers, identifying their needs and having staff who can provide the specialised services they require.

To guarantee client satisfaction, we believe it’s essential that the product we offer satisfies their expectations. To achieve this, we create and develop innovative solutions for the travel sector, always providing the best quality service.

As a multinational company, operating in countries with so much diversity, it is essential that within our team there is fairness with regards to gender, religion and culture.


The services offered by Preverisk truly reflect the level our customer’s approval, compliance with the technical requirements defined by the organisation and compliance with the current health and tourism regulations.

In order that this basic objective becomes a reality, management have made firm their decision to carry out the following strategies:

  1. To ensure that the innovative services provided to our clients, meet their expectations and build their confidence in our company.
  2. To prioritise motivation, job training and self-control in operational activities, thus ensuring the participation of all team members.
  3. To ensure that the appropriate technology and means will be used in order to achieve best performance and the quickest response to the client’s needs. Making us more competitive, as well as guaranteeing H&S in the tourism sector.
  4. To encourage clients to be proactive, to make clear their requirements and to collaborate with their suppliers and subcontractors in order to achieve their requirements.
  5. To develop abilities for detecting errors and their causes. The resulting information from clients’ claims will be incorporated in the continual improvement process.
  6. To maintain an innovative attitude, keeping up to date with information from suppliers and clients regarding the latest news from the markets tourism services. Additionally, we aim to continuously improve our services.

Palma de Mallorca, 12th 2017

firma gori



Preverisk Services Group is a company dedicated to provide consultancy, training and auditing services to companies in the tourism sector.

Our company strives to make continuous improvements in the development of our activities. Therefore we have implemented the R+D+i management system and made all of our staff aware of the importance of teamwork, pointing out that the hallmark of innovation is not just a commercial distinction, it involves a management system that will improve the quality, efficiency, safety, fluidity of work and resolve errors or deficiencies that may arise in company projects.

To set up and continuously improve the efficiency of the R+D+i Management System, Management has committed to comply with the requirements of the UNE 166002 regulation and to continuously improve the efficiency of the system. It is committed to providing the necessary technical and human resources and to achieving, by way of staff awareness, the following points:

  • To improve productivity, increase process efficiency and reduce operating costs which consequently will increase the Group's competitive advantage.
  • To establish and fulfil some general objectives of R+D+i Management.
  • To implement the continuous improvement of the defined R+D+i Management process and thereby improve the system's efficiency.
  • To achieve better communication with the client, in order to know and/or resolve all of their innovative requirements.
  • To participate in the detection of technological or innovation problems and collaborate efficiently and as far as their means allows to resolve them efficiency and as quickly as possible.
  • To involve and implicate staff, encouraging their participation in the management, application and continuous improvement of the R+D+i Management System.
  • To motivate staff and ensure suitable staff training so that qualified staff can carry out R+D+i Management system activities.
  • To ensure that developed R+D+i projects and activities are adjusted to meet the needs and expectations of our clients, other collaborators and stakeholders. That they comply with the requirements established by them, as well as the legal, regulatory and internal requirements of the R+D+i management system.

Palma de Mallorca, 12th 2017

firma gori