app4Check for Hotel Companies


At Preverisk Group we have developed app4check for Hotels, an on-cloud and multi-platform software to manage your inspections.

It provides easy data entry via computer, smartphone or tablet, plus an innovative solution to the presentation of key information on the Dashboard and by way of reports.

app4check allows you to create templates for any type of audit, as well as create dynamic questions and subcategory questions. It candefine predetermined answers and can be completely personalised. It can also assign corrective actions and pre-empt questions, as well as information regarding clearly defined standards.

Furthermore, it also allows you to define different user profiles with different access levels. It can be used "offline" so can be used anywhere. You can add photos and/or voice notes to answers, plus punctuation and praise to questions/answers. You can send reports via email or in PDF version and much more!

In addition to this technology, we have an exceptional team of experts at your disposal. This effective combination of knowledge and technology has allowed us to establish ourselves as market leaders and offer you tailor-made, flexible and effective solutions for your business.


* Project funded with EU assistance and ERDF funds

app4Check project funded with EU assistance and ERDF funds